A CallShop is a place where customers can make international calls at much lower charges compared to the local telephone companies. It's a perfect solution for tourist complexes and resorts, camps, travel agencies, internet cafés etc.

As a Call Shop owner you have the possibility to make and set your own price list in the software. All the details about the duration and charging of the calls will be performed through a licensed program, also part of the Easyvoipcall service.

CallShop service is ideal for internet cafés. If you own an internet café, Easyvoipcall gives you the oppurtinity to enrich your services with a Callshop service, connecting the existing computers with a USB phone, so that customers beside ”surfing” the Internet, can have cheaper phone calls. In this way, you can make additional profit and expand your services simultaneously.

The Callshop is a free service (it is part of the Easyvoipcall platform services).

The CallShop scenario:

Phones are usually installed in cabins (booths). After making a call or many calls, the customer comes to the cash desk where he receives a bill for the calls he made. In this scenario, regular phones are replaced by VoIP clients which can be for example IP phones (adapters) or softphones installed on personal computers (for example in internet cafes).

CallShop properties:

  • Access to all functions from any computer via web browser – no need for any installation.
  • Generation of a detailed list of calls for each telephone connection.
  • Possibility to set up buying and selling prices.
  • Saving up to 90% in international calls.
  • Fast and simple international calls to any destination.
  • High level of security.

CallShop advantages:

  • You have a unique opportunity to offer your clients a service that is cheaper than the public voice services, while at the same time you can make extra profit on telephone conversations.
  • You can easily set the price for the end user by yourself.
  • There is no maintaining of the service because we are trying to provide a complete and efficient service during the initial installation and configuration.
  • You have the ability to block/unblock phones from your interface.
  • Charge rates can be added via internet.
  • It's a FREE service!.

It's Easy as 1-2-3:

  • Open an Easyvoipcall account and activate the call shop.
  • Connect the PC equipment to the internet and phones.
  • Set your own charge rates in the portal.
  • Start with CallShop billing.


In case you are not able to setup the callshop & connect your equipment, we can do it for you, if you request so.

For more information contact us at info@easyvoipcall.com


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